The Saint Lucie River Chapter was organized October 6, 1984. Mrs. John Whightman Clements was the Organizing Regent. The chapter had 26 organizing members and 38 charter members.


The beautiful river which flows through St. Lucie and Martin Counties to the Atlantic has been the inspiration for the names of countless geographic sites, institutions, and organizations. Through French and English influences, the original Spanish “Santa Lucia” has become “Saint Lucie.”

Early explorers found the Saint Lucie River enchanting long before the settlers came. Pirates found the Saint Lucie River to be a safe and restful haven. Early settlers found the Saint Lucie and were of one mind: it was the most beautiful place they had ever seen.

Besides being beautiful, the Saint Lucie River was the local highway, until the railroads came, the river provided the only mode of transportation.

Thus, our DAR chapter proudly bears this historical name. It signifies our beautiful environment and the varied history dating back more than 400 hundred years.